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Cover is the fastest way to get to the right apps at the right time. TechCrunch named it "One of the Best Apps of 2013."

We think despite being amazing little computers, our smartphones could be smarter, simpler, and more personal. They can learn who we are and adapt to our needs and context. We want to make that happen.

We're building the world's best Android team

We believe in the amazing potential of Android. Quite literally, we couldn’t have built Cover on any other mobile platform. Android’s open nature allows anyone to rethink how a phone should behave, and its thriving ecosystem makes us believe that it will soon become the phone of choice for several billion people. We’re not just an Android-first company — we’re an Android-only company. All of us used to be passionate iPhone users, and we’re humbled by the opportunity to bring an iOS-level of design, polish, and craftsmanship to the world’s biggest mobile platform.

Todd Jackson, CEO and Co-founder (LinkedIn)
Todd was most recently a Product Manager at Facebook, where he worked on Photos, Groups, and Newsfeed. Before Facebook, Todd led Gmail’s feature development as a Group Product Manager at Google.

Edward Ho, CTO and Co-founder (LinkedIn)
Edward was a Product Director on Google+ and a Staff Software Engineer at Google from 2007-2011. Before Google, Edward worked at Yahoo! as a Senior Engineer on Yahoo Pipes.

Gordon Luk, Software Engineer and Co-founder (LinkedIn)
Gordon founded Goodhustle Studios in 2009, a game studio focused on mobile, desktop, and microconsole games. Before Goodhustle, Gordon co-founded, which was acquired by Yahoo! in 2005. As a Senior Technical Yahoo, he led the technical development of Upcoming and later created the experimental Brickhouse project BravoNation.

Ray Ho, Software Engineer (LinkedIn)
Ray (no relation to Edward) was one of the first Android developers at Path, where he was involved in almost every app feature from 2011 to 2014. Prior to Path, he worked with Cisco's TelePresence team as a Java developer in cloud services.

Beck Park, Designer (LinkedIn)
Beck was the visual lead of the new Google Hangouts, where she led the iOS and desktop efforts. She was also deeply involved in the desktop Google+ redesign in 2012 and the mobile applications on both Android and iOS. Prior to Google, she was a visual designer with Slide on "SuperPoke! Pets", a popular social application.

Arielle Jackson, Marketing & Communications (LinkedIn)
Arielle was the Director of Retail Partnerships & Marketing Programs at Square, where she led the launch of the Square Stand. Prior to Square, she was a Product Marketing Manager at Google for over 8 years during which she worked on variety of products including Gmail and Google Apps, Google Books, and AdWords.

We're currently hiring for:

  • Senior Java Engineer
  • Loves making sure Cover is as well designed on the inside as it is on the outside.
    Has a passion for:
    • Making the Cover Android app as useful and as stable as possible for our users.
    • Well designed Java
    • Making sure the codebase can scale to have many developers working on it.
    • Testable code and automated testing.
    • and Effective Java
    Ideally has the following experience:
    • Lots of experience writing object oriented code in a large codebase.
    • Experience with automated testing and dependency injection frameworks.
    • Strong API design, data structures and object oriented design experience.
    • Very comfortable in Java and/or Python

  • Senior Data Mining Engineer
  • Loves making sure Cover users get the best possible contextual features from the highly performant and scalable backend that you help build.
    Has a passion for:
    • Working with large data sets and crunching numbers to gain novel insights to power Cover.
    • Building scalable server architecture that is fast and efficient.
    • Using statistical analysis to test hypotheses.
    • Turning manual offline processes into automated real-time systems.
    Ideally has the following experience:
    • Experience designing solutions with nosql storage systems and hadoop/mapreduce on either AWS or Google App Engine/Compute Engine
    • Demonstrated ability to design and build high qps systems
    • Strong in Java and/or Python

  • Product Engineer
  • Loves building features in the Cover app to delight our users.
    Has a passion for:
    • Writing code to do incredible things on Android.
    • Building clever features with a strong eye towards design and usability.
    Ideally has the following experience:
    • Demonstrated ability to complete projects with a high level of polish.
    • Experience working on UI heavy projects like games or visual effects.
    • Strong Java or C++ skills.

  • Android Designer
    Are you passionate about designing simple, beautiful Android apps? Have you always been fascinated by the open possibilities of Android, even though most of your designer friends are obsessed with iOS?
If any of these roles sound like you, we'd love to talk. And if you’ve never coded on Android before, but are passionate about learning, we’d still love to talk.

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