Cover is now available for free on Google Play

Get Cover on Google Play

Cover is now publicly available on Google Play for everyone with Android 4.1+ in the US, Canada and Europe. It’s 100% free.


Over the last six weeks of beta testing, we’ve made 100+ improvements to Cover, including:

  • Optimized battery usage (for most people, Cover isn’t among the top 10 battery-consuming apps on their phone)
  • Improved car detection accuracy (motion-sensing algorithms)
  • Added compatibility with KitKat, Nexus 5, new ART runtime for Android
  • When peeking and switching between apps, Cover now perfectly maintains state within each app
  • Added tutorials on fast app-switching, how to set custom wallpapers/ring volume, how to use Cover with a security code (PIN/Pattern)
  • More customization options (e.g. configure size and location of app tray target)
  • Ability to share your Cover setup on Facebook/Twitter/Google+

Thanks so much for your patience – we hope the improvements that we’ve made over the last six weeks will make your first impression of Cover even better.

Install Cover on Google Play

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm!

– Todd, Ed, and Gordon (the Cover Team)

* If you’re outside the US/Canada/Europe or your device is not supported yet, Cover will be available in early 2014. However, if you don’t want to wait and are very adventurous, you can help test an experimental version of Cover.

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