Introducing Cover

The fastest way to get to the right apps at the right time

Today, we’re thrilled to announce Cover for Android. Cover is a replacement for your default lockscreen – it brings you the right apps at the right time, wherever you are.


Why Cover?

We have tons and tons of apps. And most of us don’t have time to organize them. Plus, apps can be pretty context-specific: we check weather and email in the morning, use calendar and make phone calls at work, and look at maps in the car. Cover brings the right apps up to your lockscreen and lets you launch them effortlessly with a swipe:

How does Cover work?

Cover learns which apps you use throughout your day and in the different places you use your phone. It automatically knows when you’re at home or work and recognizes when you’re driving, then learns which apps you use most in each context.

There’s barely anything to set up or configure.  Just give it your home and work addresses and everything else works automatically.  Cover automatically feels the motion of your car using your phone’s accelerometer and gyroscope. No more fumbling to get to maps or music!

Our Mission

We started Cover because we think that despite being amazing little computers, our smartphones can actually be a lot smarter. They can know us better. They can learn who we are and adapt to our unique needs. We want to help make that happen.

We also believe in the amazing potential of Android. Quite literally, we couldn’t have built Cover on any other mobile platform. Android’s open nature allows anyone to rethink how a phone should behave, and its thriving ecosystem makes us believe that it will soon become the phone of choice for several billion people. We’re not just an Android-first company – we’re an Android-only company.  All of us used to be passionate iPhone users, and we’re humbled by the opportunity to bring an iOS-level of design, polish, and craftsmanship to the world’s biggest mobile platform.

Get an invitation to Cover

Cover is currently in an invite-only beta, as we work hard to ramp up our servers and improve our learning algorithms.  You can sign up at  Thanks so much for trying our beta – we hope you have as much fun using Cover as we’ve had building it.


Todd, Ed, and Gordon  (

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